Providing Insight And Innovation For The Human Experience

In a rapidly transforming marketplace, there is one constant: talent is essential for business success. The right talent acquisition strategy and process – the ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent who drive business success – can significantly impact competitive advantage. Regardless of the transformation your business is facing, from mergers and acquisitions to consolidation and new product launches, we help your organization address key business needs through talent strategy. Harnessing our insight and experience, we deliver transformation that’s both high-impact and long-term.


  • We leverage the investments already made in in-house recruiting and human resource services by customizing our consulting services to fit your needs.

  • Talent will be more difficult to define and acquire as the world accelerates, and Transom is here to clearly and uniquely help you navigate by understanding your corporate culture. Revealing the challenges that are unique to your organization. Finding the candidates who are best suited to lead the way forward.



Transom Talent Service Offering


Hiring Protocol

The hiring process is broken. For candidates, applying to jobs is a gaping black hole and for hiring managers, it takes too long because there are no streamlined processes and commitment. Transom will engage with you to build a Hiring Protocol. Review of existing process to identify gaps and bottlenecks. Customized and improved model using insights for today’s talent pool


Many assessments only provide a partial view of a person. We engage with two trusted industry partners to create a holistic view, which creates a more predictive and accurate hiring decision, so you can back up your candidate choice with data. One measures judgement. Success requires good judgment and judgment is the primary driver of our decisions, choices and actions; it can be more important than personality or even intellect. The second is a customized assessment tool to measure technology and functional experience and gaps.

Talent Engagement

Savvy candidates will evaluate your brand by researching you as much as you research them, and we are here to insure the most current and accurate story is told, relating how the relationship would mutually benefit both. We are an extension of your brand, sometimes literally out on the streets, creatively communicating your story to candidates via F2F interviews, networking events, and social media. Our clients often seek assistance with projects that fall outside the parameters of direct candidate placement and we develop both permanent and consultant talent.


Onboarding is more than orientation. Our onboarding services pick up where the search process ends, by integrating new hires in a more structured and effective way. Accelerate the assimilation of new hires, allowing them to make contributions sooner. Engage new and existing employees immediately to fully integrate into your culture. Protect your investment by minimizing the risk of new recruits departing prematurely.